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The Most Anxious Place on Earth: THE MOTION SICKNESS

Well, we did it! We went to Disney and Universal and my husband and children are still alive! So, yay, my anxiety medication is still working AND we had a great time. During this vacation, I made some interesting discoveries.....

#1: Motion Sickness

When I was younger, my friends and I used to go to King's Island and ride the Vortex repeatedly.

Here are some gratuitous pictures from my younger days with two of my partners in crime. All King's Island pictures have probably been destroyed due embarrassment, bathing suit issues, better forgotten hair trends, or generally incriminating "evidence" of youthful innocence and glee.

I mean, we would ride The Vortex while dehydrated and hopped up on a deadly mix of blue ice cream, cotton candy, nachos, and slushies AFTER having walked around for hours in 90 degree heat. This is like the perfect set-up for non alcoholic vomiting due to motion sickness. But no. we were like chain smokers, we would get off the coaster and run right back into line. The Vortex at the time was one of the most intense roller coasters around. The loops and barrel rolls never bothered me...barely made me dizzy.

Over time, I have developed motion sickness. It started out with struggling to be a passenger in a car, which led to me being the driver most of the time. Now, it has become more profound; in fact, I was hit really hard on our flight to Orlando. Which was new, I had never had trouble on planes before.

I mean, I didn't have to throw up in a little bag or anything, but the dizziness and nausea put me on the border. My mother even started transferring items out of her back pack in case I needed to throw up into it.

But I held it together until we landed. Then we had to take a tour bus to our hotel...the nausea and dizziness was compounded by that weird musty "bus smell" which is like "bowling ally" smell, but with less...feet. My mother insists that the smell doesn't exist but I disagree.

Later, we took a Lyft to dinner and the nausea and dizziness continued but none of it had to do with Hernando's beautifully clean Dodge Journey (not being sarcastic because all of Lyft's cars were outstandingly clean), and more with the lack of food and time between motion sickness inducing incidents. Spent the ride with my head between my knees while explaining that mommy was sitting this way because it was comfortable to my children.

Initially, while not on dramamine, I rode the Star Wars ride at Hollywood Studios. It's one of those 3D virtual reality rides and I was so dizzy and disoriented by the ride that I nearly projectile vomited on C3PO (he was the tour guide). Funny thing is, I have ridden this ride before with ZERO issues (what the f*&k?!) So I just went ahead and erred on the side of taking dramamine every day.

Needless to say, my motion sickness has become really really bad and I spent most of my vacation in a dramamine induced state of semi-drowsiness so that I could fully experience the rides at the parks. And LET ME TELL YOU, the dramamine I purchased said "Now Less Drowsy!" in bright letters on the box. Regular dramamine must send you right into a coma because I was nodding off while waiting in line while on their less drowsy variety.

More to come! Laters!

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