• Erin Griffith

Over and Under (Lily's Quilt)

When I found out that my sister and brother in law were going to have another baby girl, I was so psyched. I knew I wanted to make her a quilt that was equally as awesome as the one I made for her big sister, Lacie. Lacie's quilt was called "Charmalade" and was pretty much all half-square triangles. I was able to do a tutorial on Lacie's quilt because of the open source nature of the pattern. I am showing the process of Lily's quilt, but not a tutorial because I do not want to break any copyright laws.

I wanted Lily's quilt to be similar to Lacie's, but with it's own spirit. So I started looking for patterns. I found my pattern in a well loved quilt book I have called, Scrap Basket Sensations. The pattern I chose is called "Over and Under." You use mostly 2 1/2 inch strips for piecing. The book had started to fall apart and I had to have it spiral bound at Staples. The spiral binding is actually really nice and allows the book to lay flat so I might have some of my other books spiral bound this same way.

I knew what collection of fabric I wanted to use because I had been coveting it for a while. The collection was called "Ardently Austin" which had little nods to Jane Austin in the Victorian style patterns and some prints with actual pages from her novels.

Here are all of the pieces cut out and separated for piecing.

The individual blocks fit together to make a "figure 8ish" sort of design.

The figure-8 blocks get flipped back and forth to make a "basket weave" sort of pattern.

The nice thing about this quilt is that it looks super complex, but the actual process is really not all that difficult.

There are two borders that frame the basket weave, a short 1 in border and a larger 5 in border.

I took Lily's quilt to The Quilter's Studio of Loveland to have them quilt a flower and vine pattern onto my girl. It finished the quilt perfectly. If you live in the Cincinnati/Dayton area, and want a super fancy schmancy pattern quilted onto your project, I recommend them for your machine quilting needs. You can also rent time on the machines, after you take their training class.

I ran into an issue with the backing of the was not quite big enough. Quilting always sort of "eats up" a little bit of yardage, even if you quilt yourself. So I ended up trimming the large outer border down to more like 3.25 inches instead of 5. Not a huge deal, but it hurt my heart a little.

I did not end up liking the way that my binding fabric looked, so I used some scraps instead. It turned out just the way I wanted!

I know it will gets lots of love from Lily and her sister Lacie!


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