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Little Fox Quilt

So, last year, I came across this adorable image on Pinterest by artist Stacy Peterson. She is an absolutely fantastic artist and a wonderful person. Please check out her work at

I loved it for a number of reasons. I loved it because the little fox is so freaking adorable, and because it was done simply, with large shapes and vibrant colors. I decided that I needed to turn this image into a quilt for a little boy (Emmett) who was going to be born in a few months.

First, I blew up the image.

After I chose my fabrics at Joann Fabric and Crafts, I fused interfacing onto my fabrics and cut out the pieces of my pattern.

When I do "raw edge" applique like this, I really like to use Steam-a-Seam II. But this was a large pattern, so I opted for a cheaper product that was larger from Walmart. Never. Again. The cheaper interfacing required numerous pressings and repressings. It also gummed up my needles so badly and slowed the process so much because I was continually having to stop and clean my sewing needles and replace them. I tossed the entire roll of the product I purchased from Walmart, because I was afraid that it would cause damage to my machine. Next time I will go with my product of choice (Steam-a-Seam II-can't beat it). So here he is all pressed and ready to be appliqued.

This was "raw edge" applique so it did not require turning. I appliqued with a satin stitch and used cotton thread from Robinson-Anton, Guterman, and Madeira. It was difficult to match thread in with the orange fabrics that I chose, so I had to get the thread from multiple sources.

I took the quilt to The Quilter's Studio of Loveland to have a swirly pattern quilted onto my little guy. It turned out fantastic. If you live in the Cincinnati/Dayton area, and want a super fancy schmancy pattern quilted onto your project, I recommend them for your machine quilting needs. You can also rent time on the machines, after you take their training class.

I did not make a pattern for people to download. But if enough people are interested, I can make one available. It is a pretty easy pattern to applique since the pieces and shapes are large.


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