• Erin Griffith

A time before GPS

My husband has been watching a lot of old (if you consider 1996 to be old) movies lately. Tonight, he chose Twister. In the movie, a character called Rabbit, is in charge of navigation and he spends his time rolling and unrolling giant maps and sifting through atlases and map printouts. There are maps stuck to windows and walls of their truck. Internally, I smiled to myself and thought, I now have all of that in a device that fits in my pocket.

I laughed and said, "Remember when there was no GPS, honey? Those were dark times."

He agreed VERY seriously, "I don't like to think about it."

I think we may be getting old.

Also, the part with the cows flying through the air always cracks me up and made me remember a time before Sharknado...those were better times, actually.


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