• Erin Griffith

Birthday Double Standards

So my mother asks me, "What do you want for your birthday?" and I tell her, "A puppy." My mother takes a five second pause and says, "I can't just spring a puppy on Eric."

Then, I was all like, "It's my freaking birthday mom! Not Eric's birthday!" I know he likes, no NEEDS, to be the center of attention, but not this, not this time mom!"

She sighs heavily on the other end of the phone (this indicates that I am being "overly dramatic"). So I continued, "On Eric's next birthday, I want all of you to worry about how I might react to HIS gifts..."

"I can't just spring a table saw on Erin."

"Are you sure that Erin would approve of that new battery backup you want."

"Have you talked to Erin about the amazon gift card that you asked for?"

"Erin is not a big fan of smart watches; do you have a second choice? Wouldn't you rather have a nice cast-iron skillet instead?"

So, I may be a bit "overly dramatic" and "rotten" and maybe even "passive aggressive" but, hey, it's my freakin' birthday (in like, three weeks)!



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