• Erin Griffith

My new Badass Iron

Using some money that I received for Christmas, I bought a new badass iron that is strictly for working with fabrics. My old iron is a Rowenta and has some miles on it. I used that iron for all of my ironing needs and often I would accidentally transfer sticky residue from clothes to fabric or from fabric to clothes. Rowenta was also having some rust issues.

So here is my bouncing badass Oliso Pro iron. The beauty of this beast is that you don't have to stand it up. When you put your hand on the handle, the legs retract and allow you to iron, when you remove your hand, the legs extend and raise the iron off the board. The cord is nice and long which is necessary for working in my small awkward work space where I find that I am quite a distance from my outlet.

This iron will exist in the same realm as my Gingher fabric shears. That is the realm of "touch this and I will end you." I put a link where you can find the iron above, if you want to get one of your own.


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