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My Summer Projects (some f

There are a few things that have been in the works this summer. Like always, I like to attack creativity on multiple fronts.

Needlepoint: Here are my most recent snarky cross stitch projects

Source: SnarkyArtCompany via Etsy

Source: AllisonMakesThings via Etsy

And finally, my favorite needlepoint of the summer...

This little guy just makes me so happy! This pattern came from, but the similar light colors of the arms and belly led to little definition between the arms and the rest of the body. Even close up, it was difficult to see the unicorn as anything but a creamy colored blob. I outlined in a dark gray to further define the unicorn and his rainbow poo. The outlining was not in the instructions-so if you find that you want to stitch this guy (and who wouldn't want to), you will have to outline on your own OR find colors that have a greater contrast.

Plushies: Abby asked for a stuffed Yeti and I delivered.

Found the pattern for this guy on, It was originally 10 in tall, so I blew it up 200% and made it pillow sized. In the original pattern, the arms were whip stitched onto the body. I adjusted the pattern so that I could sew the arms in so that they would be more secure. There are a huge number of similar kawaii faces on the internet, so changing this little guys expression would be super simple.

Since her quilt was not finished in time for her birthday, I made Lily a little ballerina dolly.

Source: DollsAndDaydreams via Etsy

Random Crap: My kids collected shells while we were at Myrtle Beach, which is norma. What is not normal is how they collected the same type of shell. I mean, I totally get my OCD son collecting the same type of shell, but his sister too?! Anyway, the shells were so uniform, I wondered if I could make a sort of mosaic style tray out of them. So here is my progress...I still have to sand down some of the grout, seal it, and either paint or stain the tray. There is no source for this idea, just my big fat awesome brain. If you like this idea, link my blog so I can get some more traffic!


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