• Erin Griffith

I don't want to be mean, but...

9th grade boys have a lot to learn about girls aaand when to stop talking in general before they have dug themselves into a conversational hole that they cannot climb out of. Here is a funny conversation I had with a couple of my new students last week. Their names have been left out.

Girl: Mrs. Griffith, do I look like a blobfish?"

Me: "No."

*is it 'random thought Monday and I missed the memo?'*

Girl: "Boy said that I look like a blobfish."

Boy: "No, what I said is...I don't mean this in a mean way; but you look like a blobfish"

Me: "What do you mean "I don't mean this in a mean way?!" there is no nice way to tell someone that they look like a blobfish."

Boy: "no, what I mean is that after gym, she is so sweaty that...."

Me: Stop...just stop. You can't walk this back; just apologize for calling her a blobfish while you're ahead.

In case you need a reference...this is a blobfish.

When I told this story to other non science teachers, they looked at me funny and said "What the hell is a blobfish?!" I had to show them this picture. Many of them are scarred for life and may never recover.



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