• Erin Griffith

My house talks to me and how Star Trek is becoming a reality in my world

It all started with Sean Luc Picard and the Next Generation. I can only imagine my adolescent husband sitting wide eyed in front of his television literally fascinated by the computers on the enterprise as the crew walked up to them and said "Computer. Hot fudge sundae" and a hot fudge sundae just magically appeared. They would ask the computer to dim the lights or play music and it would just...happen. They would go into the holodeck and could literally experience any number of historical events or go to any number of places and explore them without limitations. They could read reports or manage functions on the ship with tablets that they held in their hands.

My husband got the first gps, the first phone with Siri, the first ipad, the first smartphone, first smartwatch, and it was, really, all down hill from there. Then, at Christmas, it was the Amazon echo. In our house, we ask "Alexa" to tell us the time, weather, jokes, calendar events. We ask her to play music and turn off and on the lights (noticing any similarities here?) Then, came the Vivent security system, which links the Amazon echo and any number of our other talking gadgets together. Now, we can ask "Alexa" to close the garage door or lock all of the other doors in the house. We can ask her to arm the security system and increase or decrease the temperature in the house. Every time someone exits the house, the house talks to me and tells me which door just opened. If someone approaches our front door, the system sends me a text that tells me someone was at the door. They don't even have to ring the doorbell. There is a camera that shoots me a live video stream of who is at the door. Usually, it is just a video of the UPS or fed ex guy driving away, but sends me a text.

I looked at my husband on the day that the Vivent equipment was installed...he was sitting smug and satisfied looking in his chair and I said, "You are not going to be satisfied until you can say "tea. earl grey. hot." and then your tea appears, are you?"

"Nope." was his reply.

My children, my husband, and myself all have tablets and/or phones that allow us to work, learn, play games and control the security system and all of its accessories at the house. Just like the staff on the enterprise.

My husband recently got the new "view master" which allows him to virtually experience three dimensional events. They are not live events, but still, a three dimensional ski slope, hockey game, or sky dive all seem pretty holodecky to me.

Live Long and Prosper Everyone!



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