I'm a thirty-something high school science teacher with a bachelors degree in biology, a masters in secondary education,  and doctorates in sass, foul language and sarcasm.  I love writing, sewing, being crafty, and exist on a steady diet of caffeine, weirdness, and stress.  I use the sewing and craftiness as a form of meditation, it calms my nervous soul.


So, my old blog was doing ok, but I did not feel that I was truly being myself.  So I decided to start a new blog where I openly discuss my own issues in tandem with all the other stuff that I do; thus, Caffeine and Weirdness.  However, I have included in this blog some of my old blog posts because they were freaking awesome posts.  So, you're welcome.


A little more about me personally...


 I have two children :


* Will, an 8 year old tech-saavy shark enthusiast with mild OCD and autism who loves snorkeling and scuba diving.  Currently, he is nursing an obsession with Plants vs. Zombies and carries around a stuffed zombie with him almost everywhere.


* Abby, a 6 year old sassy pants with a shopkins addiction (for which there is no 12 step program...I checked)-we are definitely sure that she is 5, but she maintains an attitude and demeanor of a 16 year old.  Abby likes art, being argumentative, and tattling. 


I also have a husband, Eric, who still claims me as his wife and has managed to find ways to deal with my generalized anxiety disorder and depression and still loves me despite my inappropriate sense of humor, use of foul language, poor short term memory, obsession with shoes and handbags, my tendency toward defensiveness, love of candy and pastries, fear of clowns, love of trashy romance novels, need to poke at him until he fights with me, lack of domestic skills, overall hatred of domestic tasks, refusal to ask for help, and constant need to nap.  Other than that I am pretty much perfect and he is one lucky man.

I also teach 9th grade science. Not everyone can teach 9th graders because, let's face it, they are strange and wonderful animals.  They keep me on my toes and are probably the reason that I am crazy...but it is a good kind of crazy.  It is the kind of crazy where you wish that you could do so much more for each kid; where you care so much for them - even the "troublemakers" that your heart aches.  It is the kind of crazy where you are totally ok that they really don't remember you once they become seniors because they have become so grown up and are heading out into the world to make their own way and that is the most important thing.

About me

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